A Sacramento California area mobile DJ company with over 20 years of experience providing superior Disc Jockey & Emcee services including uplighting and dance floor lighting. DJ Rockalot specializes in providing a FUN time for your wedding, corporate event, holiday party, parking lot party, party in the woods, any event!

This is who we are

Rory has been a professional DJ since 1987 but he started spinning records when he was in sixth grade. While his classmates played foursquare or climbed on the monkey bars at recess, he would set up a turntable and play his favorite K-tel (yesteryear's NOW) records for the kids on the yard.

Growing up in the late 70's and 80's Rockalot transitioned seamlessly through the Disco Era, the emerging Hip Hop scene, Punk Rock, New Wave, Heavy Metal, Glam Rock, Techno/Rave scene, and never turned his back on any of them. "I have a very diverse taste in music, if it has energy I love it!"

This is what we do

  • Entertain
  • DJ & Emcee
  • Event Planning
  • Sound & Lighting

This is why we do it

I can't help but "do it"! I love music, love to play it for others and love the look on peoples faces when I play that song that really does it for them. It really makes me feel good to play music for others and have them be into what I'm playing. I could never be a radio DJ, I like to see my listeners!

Its great to have a difficult crowd and then be able to turn them into a packed dance floor. I really do this because I love it, its never been about the money, you'll see this when you get my bill lol

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 Owner/DJ/Emcee Rory "Rockalot" Huber.
30+ years experience behind turntables & microphones. Music lover extraordinaire!


managerCari Manages Rockalot, keeps him on time, takes requests, helps with setup & takedown and our in-house country expert!


staff1We use a few of our friends for extra tasks such as driving and help setting up for larger events.

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