We maintain a current library of most music formats and actively play R&B, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, EDM, Disco, Oldies, 1980's Classics, Dance Music, Pop, New Wave.

Wedding Music

The best weddings have romantic and beautiful ceremonies, and receptions that feel like great all-out parties!
Your reception's music is perhaps the most important element of making your guests go home saying, "Man, that was a fun wedding." You want to ensure that your guests are dancing and having fun all night long.

 Wedding Music

Party Music

House Party, Sweet Sixteen, Graduation Party, Garage Party, Divorce Party, Birthday Party, Aniversary Party, Theme Party, Party Back In The Woods, Party Party... who needs a reason right!? Let's just party!

 House Party Music

Background Music

Having an event where you would like to use our wireless microphones, lighting, PA system and some background music? Even though it may just be background music it is just as important to program it so the energy of your event is matched, Matched Perfectly!

We love to make you dance.

Making you dance is our priority! We will meet with you in person or consult over the web to insure your music selection is perfect for yourself and guests. Upon signing with us we can provide you with worksheets, music charts, planners, Top Song lists and links to aid in perfect music selection for your special affair. We have clean radio versions of most songs, remixes, instrumental's, you name it! We'll even build you a "Do Not Play" list.

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  • Holiday Music
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  • House Party
    Club music, old school, disco, pop,
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