By nature, Mother-Son dance songs are a little bit sappy. But you don't have to choose a song
that your guests have heard at every wedding. There are dozens of non-cheesy Mother-Son
dance songs from every genre.

Popular Mother-Son Songs From Across The Nation

The following list contains the top 100 requested Mother-Son wedding songs of all time. It represents song requests from thousands of Weddings and is dynamically created by Gigbuilder. Of course this list is just to help you get started, we do encourage you to add your own favorites and that of your friends & family.


Feel free to copy+paste into another document or print and highlight your favorites to help you narrow down to that one special song. If your favorite isn't on this list it doesn't mean we don't have it. Just let us know what it is you're looking for and we will check our library, if we don't have it we will go get it!
 what are you waiting for?