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Soon we will load our more of own music mixes for you to sample.
For now enjoy our curated playlists!

"Rio Del Oro One" was recorded live 6/30/19 during an annual health club appreciation day BBQ outdoors by the pool.  The open format selections are representative of the mixed age and taste of the guests.
Let me know what you think!  -Rockalot

Our Own Mixes

"Blue Line Arts Halloween Encore" live mix from Blue Line Arts 2019 Halloween/Art Of Darkness show.  I performed there on Halloween and they liked my show and had me come back on Saturday hence the "Encore".  Music is mostly Tech House, careful kids scary halloween music & explicit lyrics contained within.                                    Click that Heart!  -Rockalot

"Christmas StarJackin'" Every year I would say to myself you need to upload a Christmas mix and finally I did so but I'm hoping its just the first of say... three?  This isn't even close to traditional and not likely a mix I will ever get to play live so I hope to release a couple more that are more  Poppy  :)                                                                                 Click that Heart!  -Rockalot

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